Monday, September 6, 2010

Reptilian Shape-shifting Jews

Reptilians rule the world. It’s true, it’s on Youtube. Everything on Youtube is true. And another thing, one of my favorite bands wrote a song about it: Darwin, by Third Eye Blind. That’s TWO, count them, TWO sources that corroborate reptilian aliens rule the world. If that aint good enough for you, I’ve got a third source, his name is David Icke, and he was like a pro-soccer player once, a sports broadcaster, and claimed to be the son of god once too! THREE sources! You know what a court of law says about THREE witnesses? That’s right: TRUTH!
So here’s the thing, I really don’t believe reptilian aliens rule the world. I wanted to point that out, ‘cause I know I said it above, which could have been confusing. But here’s the thing, I don’t not believe it either. (Sorry about the double negative, it’s so hard to avoid them when talking about reptilian alien elite.) I’ve got an open-mind, really, I do. What follows the double arrows is NOT sarcasm>> I have an open-mind.
So I watched this documentary on David Icke, who fathered the conspiracy theory that a group of shape-shifting reptilian aliens, disguised as the world elite, rule the world. I felt the documentary did a decent job of being objective, though it had some commentary, it was pretty much just an observation of two different groups: David Icke and his followers (some of which are neo-nazi’s) and some Anti-Defamation League activists.
Let’s start with the first group: Icke and his followers. To be honest with you, I’ve known about Icke for a long time. I first heard of him six or seven years ago, doing my own research on “the world elite.” Yes, I’m one of those people interested in knowing history, part of which is knowing who’s been pulling the strings. I’ve actually always hated Icke; I see him as a disseminator of disinformation, an agent provocateur if you will. Icke actually talks about many things that I actually believe are true. For example, reptilian shape shifting aliens rule the world … is NOT one of the things I agree with him on. It’s not that I disagree with him; I just have no evidence of it. Nor do I have evidence that a half-ape, half-dolphin, half-wildebeest (three-halves make a whole) creature stalks state street on Thursday evenings in search of abandoned Egyptian sarcophagus’s … I just think it’s unlikely. But I’m always open-minded, so, maybe.
Anyways, I’ve watched documentaries by the same dude who created the Icke documentary before. One of those documentaries was about Jew-hating skin-heads. He did a pretty great job of revealing them for the bigots they are. So I was expecting to come out of this documentary seeing Mr. Icke for who he really is. Not far into the documentary I was certain it was going to be a scathing depiction of a delusional man lead away by his own mindless convictions. Surprisingly, by the end of the documentary, I found myself feeling sorry for Mr. Icke.
So here’s the thing, Icke spends allot of his time talking about reptilian shape-shifting aliens. And I guess that message appeals to skin-heads (go figure). So the anti-defamation league is convinced that when Icke says “reptilian shape-shifting alien,” he is really saying “Jew.” Ya, that’s right: it’s CODE! And of course, all the anti-Semites are supposed to know, intuitively, that reptilian shape-shifting alien is exactly that: code for Jew. I’m pleased to know that I’m not anti-Semitic, ‘cause I never picked up on the code. And of course Jews should be concerned; they could have another holocaust on their hands! I mean, what more appealing message could a man have? Imagine the followers he could amass with a message like that! I mean who wouldn’t follow a man claiming that the world is run by reptilian shape-shifting aliens? And when he’s amassed his billions of faithful followers, overnight he’ll pull back the curtain and show the few dolts who didn’t already get it, that the whole time he was talking about reptilian shape-shifting aliens, he was actually talking about JEWS!
Fortunately, coalitions have already been formed to prevent him from accomplishing his sinister goals. The documentary highlights one of these coalitions in Vancouver who successfully got him dropped from several radio interviews, and even threw a pie at his face, which missed and got a little on his arm, the remnants destroying some children’s books at a book store he was speaking at.
The truth is I don’t know what is harder to believe: reptilian shape-shifting alien elite (Jews) rule the world, or that some guy who preaches such a thing is going to amass a significant enough following to bring about another holocaust?
What I do know is that the Vancouver coalition against Icke came across as a bunch of spoiled, closed-minded, paranoid, oppressive brats. Man, even as I say that I can imagine my name rising on the Anti-Defamation League’s priority list of likely anti-Semites! I mean, is it possible to criticize them without being accused of anti-Semitism yourself? What a wonderful deal they got going on! Anyone who opposes them couldn’t possibly be doing so because they find logical fallacies in their policies, it’s always because they are Jew haters.
At one point in the documentary David Icke states clearly that the reptilian shape-shifting alien elite are not any race from this earth, including the Jews (he specifies that). The documentarian points out to Icke that the ADL and its like claim that when he says that, it’s actually code for just the opposite. In other-words, what Icke has to say about his beliefs is not decided by Icke … and what he says … but by the ADL and their like.
In the end, I walked away more comfortable with the idea of reptilian shape-shifting alien elite ruling the world, than I am with the idea that the ADL has any influence on today’s politic. Just another confirmation to me, that all government is evil, and with power houses like the ADL influencing it, there is little hope for open debate or dissent as tools to shape a better future. What ADL says is, is. And if you disagree with them, well, you’re just a fascist. I wish the aliens would just come and take me away already.

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