Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We owe the government?

I'm confused (not really,) I keep hearing commercials, the news, friends, etc. talking about how so and so "owe" the government for back taxes, etc. On the radio on my way home from work I heard about how some low life famous person went out and spent a bunch of money but didn't give the government their $200,000 share of the money spent. Where does the government get these numbers? Oh that's right, the more you make the more you are supposed to take on in the burden of taxation. This is how we repay the rich for their success... TAX the hell out of them. 

Is it just me or is the government a big huge bully? Seriously, who else could get away with marching around ordering people to hand over their property- OR ELSE! This poor sap of a famous person who made the mistake of spending her hard earned money without giving big brother a cut is now going to spend 6 months in prison... that's right, she's going to have her liberty removed for SIX MONTHS (about 185 days) because she "owes" the government taxes. 

In the past people have argued that we pay taxes because without them we wouldn't have "public schools, highways, a military, nukes, etc." What I don't get is, if that's the case, if we HAVE to pay taxes, shouldn't we pay taxes according to the level of government consumption we are involved in? Rather, the more effectively you make use of the government consumption, i.e. becoming a successful person through individual management, the more the government says you owe! Shouldn't it be just the opposite? The more frivolous you are with your use of "government provided amenities" the more you should "owe" the government?

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think we owe the government anything, I think they owe US everything. The argument will now be made by the statists amongst you that people like our famous tax evader are evil because the rest of us poor saps ARE paying our taxes and she should have to as well. Rather, I think she did us all a favor, think about it, the $200,000 that was supposed to go to the government went into the private sector. That's right, it went WAM BAM into the pockets of PRIVATE CITIZENS! If she HAD payed her taxes, that is, if she HAD turned her $200,000 over to the government it would likely be going to blow up more brown babies in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or waisted on some outrageous inauguration etc. I don't know about you, but my personal money is always better spent when I SPEND IT. You won't catch me sending trillions of dollars over seas to make bullets that will disappear into mid eastern hills or mid eastern flesh... NOPE! My money will go into your pockets, or your fathers, or your daughters, or your cousins... that's right, my money will be spent on products that make MY life better, products that your cousin produces, money that they will use to feed their children. 

The reality is this, like H.L. Mencken said- "Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under." I couldn't agree more. Those of you who love taxes, seriously, you need a brain examination... no serious, don't doubt me, think about it, you do. I mean seriously, are you going to argue with me on this? You like taxes? Serious? You do? Like I said, if you like taxes... you're a moron. Thy are evil, wrong, forever and ever... amen.

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