Saturday, March 14, 2009

People who say we own the government.

This much needs to go- people who say "we own the government because this is a democracy." It's not that I don't think this is the way it ought to be, I mean, if we have a government then that's the way it ought to be.... but it's not that way. So people who say that we own the government, are lying.

In my opinion, talk radio is the greatest evidence of the fact that the majority of the population are brainless. After all, these shows exist because people actually listen to them. The only thing that could explain away my conclusion is that perhaps those who listen to it do so because they think it's great comedy... personally, this is my reason for listening.

On one of those silly occasions, I was listening to Doug Wright, and he conjured up that ridiculous argument. B. Obama was flying to Colorado to sign a bill. According to Wright (honestly, he annoys me like beyond explanation) people were up in arms because Obama was using all this money to fly, blah blah blah. And then went onto claim that "the plane is our plane! This is a Democracy!" blah blah blah... I wanted to reach into the radio and slap him.

I was up in arms as well, but not over the plane ride, more over the fact that we even have a president, after all, I'm anarchist. Doug Wright attempted to justify the use of the plane on the basis that Obamaditty was our elected president, and that means.... blah blah blah.

So here's the thing, if we really own the first plane (or whatever you call it,) we could board the damn thing whenever we wanted and fly to Cuba. But we don't, so we can't. How hard is that to understand? Government implies rulers, and Obama is our ruler. Rulers have privileges.

I don't want a ruler. The end.

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